As the youngest of two older siblings I have done my fair share of wedding duties: wedding dress shopping, cake tasting, appointment scheduling, bachelorette parties, the list goes on. Out of all of the requirements that I must adhere by as the youngest child my favorite part of the wedding experience thus far has definitely been ring shopping (not that I chose my sister or my sister-in-law’s engagement rings). I love looking at all of the intricate designs that jewelers are able to come up with!

When my brother got married three summers ago he chose a 10MM Tungsten White Carbon Fiber wedding band from Ring-Ninja.com. My sister-in-law decided that she also wanted to get a Tungsten White Carbon Fiber wedding band, but she also wanted some additional bling on her ring finger. She decided to order a 6MM White Carbon Fiber Tungsten ring and wear the slimmer band with a band of diamonds! The idea was brilliant! It looked very unique.

A few weeks after my brothers wedding he asked for my help in finding an accessory that would match his Tungsten Ring. I knew exactly what direction to point him toward: A Tungsten Bracelet. Bracelets are always a great accessory with a ring if it is matched properly. I had seen a White Carbon Fiber Tungsten Bracelet on Ring-Ninja’s website, and I knew it would match perfectly, so I went ahead and ordered the ring for my brother. The result: he loves it! The ring and the bracelet are a great match and my brother is extremely happy.

I highly recommend Ring-Ninja.com for anyone who is looking to get a high end product on a Wal-Mart budget; they have a great selection of cheap tungsten rings!