RNTU087_A I have always been a bling type of person. I love costume jewelry to spice up my outfits. A friend of mine who also loves bling recently purchased a pipe cut Tungsten Ring with one simulated diamond. Initially I thought that the pipe cut ring would not be vibrant enough for my taste, but the ring grew on me over time as I saw how easily the ring went with all of the items in my friends wardrobe. The ring always looked classy and timeless, and I decided that I needed on for myself. Since my friend and I are bargain hunters, I knew that she had to of purchased her tungsten ring for a great price. I asked her where she purchased hers from and she told me she purchased it from a website called Ring-Ninja.com. I began my search on the website, and I must say, my friend really found a gem! The site has a ton of cheap tungsten rings, possibly the largest collection I have ever seen. I found the exact tungsten ring with a simulated diamond that my friend had and I couldn’t believe the price, $69.99 and free shipping! I received my ring about a week after purchasing it, and I absolutely love it! It matches with everything and it’s extremely scratch resistant. For anyone that’s a bling-girl like me, I highly recommend this ring!