One of my favorite accessories for an outfit is a funky ring. Rings are a great way to subtly add spunk to any outfit. My favorite type of metal for my rings has always been Tungsten Carbide; I love that tungsten rings are scratch resistant and they don’t turn my fingers green (ew)! The cool thing about tungsten rings is that they can be plated with other types of metal, like gold. A gold plated tungsten ring will outlast a regular gold ring any day. Gold is a very soft metal and it can easily bend and collect scratches, which is why I prefer tungsten plated rings over regular gold rings. Lately I have been following a more recent trend in ring metals: Rose Gold. Rose gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings have been the new, hot trend. I personally love the look of rose gold. The color is not as vibrant as gold, but it is also not as muted as silver. Instead the color is a unique blend of the two which creates a beautiful color. Since rose gold jewelry is a new hot trend I had to get myself a tungsten carbide rose gold plated ring. I was ecstatic to find out that my favorite place to shop for cheap tungsten rings, Ring-Ninja.com, had added rose gold tungsten rings to their tungsten ring collection. Ring-Ninja is currently carrying 6MM and 8MM rose gold plated tungsten rings on their site. I decided to purchase a 6MM ring for myself and I absolutely love it, especially the price: $64.99! If I had gone to a jeweler my ring would of cost me upwards of $300.00! That’s over $200.00 in savings! I call that a deal.