Tungsten Rings With Matching Tungsten Bracelet


As the youngest of two older siblings I have done my fair share of wedding duties: wedding dress shopping, cake tasting, appointment scheduling, bachelorette parties, the list goes on. Out of all of the requirements that I must adhere by as the youngest child my favorite part of the wedding experience thus far has definitely been ring shopping (not that I chose my sister or my sister-in-law’s engagement rings). I love looking at all of the intricate designs that jewelers are able to come up with!

When my brother got married three summers ago he chose a 10MM Tungsten White Carbon Fiber wedding band from Ring-Ninja.com. My sister-in-law decided that she also wanted to get a Tungsten White Carbon Fiber wedding band, but she also wanted some additional bling on her ring finger. She decided to order a 6MM White Carbon Fiber Tungsten ring and wear the slimmer band with a band of diamonds! The idea was brilliant! It looked very unique.

A few weeks after my brothers wedding he asked for my help in finding an accessory that would match his Tungsten Ring. I knew exactly what direction to point him toward: A Tungsten Bracelet. Bracelets are always a great accessory with a ring if it is matched properly. I had seen a White Carbon Fiber Tungsten Bracelet on Ring-Ninja’s website, and I knew it would match perfectly, so I went ahead and ordered the ring for my brother. The result: he loves it! The ring and the bracelet are a great match and my brother is extremely happy.

I highly recommend Ring-Ninja.com for anyone who is looking to get a high end product on a Wal-Mart budget; they have a great selection of cheap tungsten rings!

Simulated Diamond Bling

RNTU087_A I have always been a bling type of person. I love costume jewelry to spice up my outfits. A friend of mine who also loves bling recently purchased a pipe cut Tungsten Ring with one simulated diamond. Initially I thought that the pipe cut ring would not be vibrant enough for my taste, but the ring grew on me over time as I saw how easily the ring went with all of the items in my friends wardrobe. The ring always looked classy and timeless, and I decided that I needed on for myself. Since my friend and I are bargain hunters, I knew that she had to of purchased her tungsten ring for a great price. I asked her where she purchased hers from and she told me she purchased it from a website called Ring-Ninja.com. I began my search on the website, and I must say, my friend really found a gem! The site has a ton of cheap tungsten rings, possibly the largest collection I have ever seen. I found the exact tungsten ring with a simulated diamond that my friend had and I couldn’t believe the price, $69.99 and free shipping! I received my ring about a week after purchasing it, and I absolutely love it! It matches with everything and it’s extremely scratch resistant. For anyone that’s a bling-girl like me, I highly recommend this ring!

Benefits of 3MM Tungsten Rings

RNTU023_A At age 24, my fingers are officially done growing, not that they are that long to begin with. I have shorter, stubby fingers which makes is difficult to find rings that won’t strangle my hand. I have always tried to wear larger rings, around 10-12MM because I like the look of them when they aren’t on my finger. Since my fingers are shorter, the wider rings take up the majority of my finger and leave creases of squashed-skin around the ring band. But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to a squashed finger, a wider ring almost always gets stuck on my finger when trying to remove it.

A few weeks ago I decided that for the sake of my finger and my sanity I had to give up with my battles with  wide rings; it was time to accept  that if I wanted to wear rings I would need to make some changes to the types of rings I was wearing.  I did some research and found that decreasing the width of the band would make my fingers look longer and decrease discomfort. Of course! Why hadn’t I realized this before?

I began my hunt for small-width ring band to try out. Whenever I  look for new rings there are always two problems that I encounter: my skin is sensitive, so I always try to get jewelry that won’t irritate my skin; as a recent college grad, I’m not exactly rollin’ in the dough. My specific criteria for a new ring led me to my trusted source of information: Google. I typed in my search bar “cheap tungsten rings” and it brought me to a site, Ring-Ninja.com. I decided to investigate the site to see what they had, which was a lot of different ring options!

I stumbled across a 3MM Tungsten Pipe Cut Ring which looked like a nice classy style that I could wear with a variety of things. Since the ring was priced well at $42.99 I decided to order it and give it a try. The results: I love it! I can wear my new Tungsten Ring with any outfit I own and it looks fabulous! My fingers are no longer strangled by ring bands that are far too wide for my fingers. I am going to send mine back to Ring-Ninja and have them custom engrave my ring, too. Pretty exciting!

I highly recommend this site to anyone that is looking for a quality ring at a great price.

RNTU086_APerfect for a hunter, or someone who loves the camouflage look, this unique Camouflage Pattern Men’s Tungsten Ring combines quality and style while also being affordable. The Camo ring pattern on this ring is etched into the ring using a laser at Ring Ninja, so the pattern is sure to last.

The inspiration for this particular ring, according to Marketing Coordinator Aub, came from an experience she had while hunting in Northern Michigan with her father. “My father mentioned to me that my second cousins wedding was a Camo theme. This then led me to wonder what type of unique ring pattern designs we could do at Ring Ninja to compliment their Camo wedding. What we came up with was this unique Domed Camouflage Pattern Tungsten Ring.” Read the rest of this entry »

Tungsten and Blue Carbon Fiber Wedding Ring Set

RNTU079_ALooking for something different?  Want something that not is not only going to catch eyes, stand out, but also be affordable?  The above pictures set is probably what you’re looking for if you love the color blue.  This set of rings has a blue strip of carbon fiber that is inlayed into each ring.  These rings are sure to be something different.  Not unto the blue color?  Don’t dismay, not only do they come in black and white, you can also custom order different colors if you are willing to wait for them to be produced.

The price on these rings is currently as of print just $109.99 for both rings.  If you purchase them from Ring Ninja you can have the rings custom engraved with that special message to your spouse.  Ring Ninja’s custom engraving has been rated very high and they can engrave the same day you order and ship them.  The standard price for their engraving service is just $24.95.  For the price don’t pass up this set of cheap, but high quality his and her tungsten rings.

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Looking for a set of Wedding Rings with Cross?  This set of Tungsten Wedding Bands has an intricate cross pattern laser carved into each ring.  These Tungsten Rings with Cross are the perfect solution if you’re looking to show your faith in your wedding ring!  The ‘his’ ring is made of solid Tungsten Carbide and is 8MM in width.  The ‘her’ ring is also made of Tungsten Carbide however it’s width is an appropriate 6MM.  The styling on these rings is ‘pipe cut’ which means that your ring will have a flat, modern appearance that is sure to be eye catching.

What’s the bottom line on this set of wedding rings you may be asking yourself?  Not as much as you’d expect.  Another stunning set of wedding rings being offered up from Ring Ninja for the price of just $114.99.  That price will get you both rings!  So weather you are looking for a set of rings that you’re going to wear for life (because the quality on these is stunning), or a set of promise rings, starter wedding rings, or they even make great purity rings – these are the rings for you! Read the rest of this entry »

We couldn’t resist posting about this deal – and what a deal it is.  This is one of the most attactive, best constructed, and just plain fun Tungsten Wedding Ring Sets that we’ve ever seen.  Obviously this ring set was designed to be for him and her, but after checking with the company selling these rings they can be ordered in matching widths so it’s ideal if you want to men’s or women’s rings as well. 

So what is it that we like so much about this set?  Well obviously since this is Cheap Tungsten Rings we like the price, and this one is just $109.99!  Wow what a steal.  This set is also unique, the men’s ring comes in a 9MM width to give it that extra bold look that is sure to get your man some attention – the kind of attention you want, the kind that shows he’s taken :)   The construction of these rings is second to none – don’t even consider buying these some place else as these rings are the highest quality available.  A durable nickle binder as the binding allow makes this a ring set that is going to  last a lifetime!

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This 9MM Tungsten Ring from Ring Ninja features a brushed center and stepped edges.  This is one of the original designs for the first Tungsten Ring, and it looks simply amazing.  This particular model does have a slight twist – the edges are beveled to a point (not sharp obviously, but they sure look sharp) thus the name ‘RAZR’.

The edges of this ring are polished to a high shine, which create a stunning contrast with the brushed center.  We’d say that this particular Cheap Tungsten Ring has a gunmetal color to it, which is very popular these days.  The ruggedness of this ring is sure to please anyone who is active with their hands.  Don’t be fooled – simply because this is a Cheap Wedding Ring, this ring is built to last, and even comes with a lifetime warranty!

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8MM Classic Domed Tungsten Wedding Ring

So for our first update we’ve chosen a truley timeless piece from the fine folks over at Ring Ninja.  This 8MM Classic Domed Tungsten Wedding Ring is perfect for any man (or woman if you’re finger is no larger than a size 6).  This ring is silver in color, and if you don’t want to shell out the money for a white gold wedding ring while gold is $1200+ per ounce, then this is what we recommend you go with.  While the hue is slightly darker than white gold, it is a very reflective material – and the best part it, as with virutally all Tungsten Rings, this baby is built to last.  It will be difficult even for the most active man to scratch this ring up, and it never requires jewelry cleaner or polishing – just wipe this down with a damp cloth, and presto – it looks brand new!

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A quick ‘Hello’ from Cheap Tungsten Rings

So, if you haven’t heard the economy still stinks.  The jobless rate is still between 9% and 10%, and honestly, it’s probably much higher than that.  However – life doesn’t stand still.  Young love doesn’t know any better.  Heck, love in general isn’t going to stop just because the economy is down.  People have gotten married since the beginning of man, and that isn’t going to stop now.

The real question here is, what can you do to make it affordable?  Live with your parents?  That doesn’t sound too appealing (well, at least not my parents anyway).  Take the bus?  Ride your bike everywhere?  Eat nothing but beans and rice?  All of these are very real money savers, although at the same time they are very drastic.  However, one place that we can save you money – especially when it comes to that big wedding day – is your wedding rings. 

Tungsten Rings are a great product.  They’ve been around for a few years now, and they’ve been battle tested.  Construction workers, factory rats, sanitation workers, heck, even stock brokers.  Anyone with an active lifestyle, or even someone without an active lifestyle, deserves a ring that is going to be as strong as the love they feel for their partner.  Tungsten Rings are what you’re looking for.  They are darn near impossible to scratch, they don’t bend, and they hold their shine. 

Sounds great, right?  It is!  Tungsten is truly a revolutionary jewelry material.  However, just like every other material ever used in jewelry, it seems to cost a fortune.  This is something that drives us crazy over here at Cheap Tungsten Rings.  It’s hard to figure out which retailer is selling you a quality product, at a fair price – and, that just doesn’t seem fair.  Well, we’re here to help you.  Don’t fall for the $20 Tungsten Ring that you found on some site that takes 2 hours to load – chances are it’s in China, and, they like to use lead & cadmium in their jewelry.  Don’t go to your local Zales and shell out $400 for a Tungsten Ring either.. like everything else in life, there’s a balance here.

In the posts that follow we will tell you where to find the best deals on Tungsten Rings.  Just because they are cheap doesn’t make them bad – so pay attention to the products here, because these are ones that you’ll want to consider for that big day!