So we all know that saving money a is great feeling.  Everyone loves to know that they purchased the same thing from one merchant for less than what they could’ve purchased it for from the shop down the street.  This is one of the basic principals of capitalism, competition.  However, here at, we were kind of wondering, is there actually such a thing as too cheap?

In the wedding ring market, you can buy, what appears anyway, to be the best deal.  For instance, a search of ebay will reveal a basic tungsten ring for as low as $14.99 – in some cases even lower, however, for the sake of this comparison we won’t delve into items that appear to be obvious fraud, or made from the tears of a 3rd world sweat shop.  You can also find a basic tungsten ring at a big box jewelry store, one that you’d find in the typical mall, for $300.  Somewhere in here there is a disconnect.  Is the $300 ring really better?

Generally with Tungsten Rings, there are different components that can be used.  If you are purchasing a ring that is shipping in directly from a foreign country (for the purposes of this article we’ll assume you are shipping it to the USA) such as China, there’s no telling what baggage you are getting with your ring.  The ring you are getting is almost certainly not made in an ethical manner.  You are likely subsidizing the downfall of western society.  Most importantly – there is no way to know what is in the ring.  Testing the product for toxic elements like Cadmium would cost far more than the product itself, so you are not likely to do that.  Wearing something in this price range is really not conducive to your health.

The next thing to consider.. does the product have a warranty?  Let’s say you are wearing this as a wedding ring.  Well, they can’t be sized – so having a warranty is important.  Most warranties will cover sizing.  Sellers that sell exclusively jewelry will generally warranty the product.  Depending on the price range you pay for the warranty may or may not have a deductible.  However companies that claim no deductible will often not tell you that the engraving isn’t something that is covered.  One company we researched offers free engraving and a no risk lifetime warranty.  However when pressed, the engraving isn’t covered and it’s $30 to re-engrave the ring.  The prices on their rings were often twice what we feel was a good value.

At we’ve kind of developed what we think is a ‘right price’.  Tungsten Rings make phenomenal wedding bands.  We truly believe that or we wouldn’t be here.  What we’re suggesting for the ‘right price’ is somewhere in the $60 range for a typical tungsten wedding band.  It should come with a lifetime warranty included.  At this price point you can feel confident in putting it on your significant others finger knowing that it wasn’t made from a childs tears in a sweat shop, know that it has a warranty backing the ring, and know your are getting a great, cheap tungsten ring – and obviously by cheap we just mean one great value!