Looking for a set of Wedding Rings with Cross?  This set of Tungsten Wedding Bands has an intricate cross pattern laser carved into each ring.  These Tungsten Rings with Cross are the perfect solution if you’re looking to show your faith in your wedding ring!  The ‘his’ ring is made of solid Tungsten Carbide and is 8MM in width.  The ‘her’ ring is also made of Tungsten Carbide however it’s width is an appropriate 6MM.  The styling on these rings is ‘pipe cut’ which means that your ring will have a flat, modern appearance that is sure to be eye catching.

What’s the bottom line on this set of wedding rings you may be asking yourself?  Not as much as you’d expect.  Another stunning set of wedding rings being offered up from Ring Ninja for the price of just $114.99.  That price will get you both rings!  So weather you are looking for a set of rings that you’re going to wear for life (because the quality on these is stunning), or a set of promise rings, starter wedding rings, or they even make great purity rings – these are the rings for you!

As with all of their Tungsten products, these rings can be custom engraved on the inside for just $24.95 each.  Not sure on your ring size?  Ring Ninja allows you to enter all of your engraving information on their checkout page, pay for the set of rings and the engraving, and then select an option ‘Try Rings On First’ which will cause the rings to be sent without engraving, and you’ll get a pre-paid return shipper so after you try them on all you need to do is stick them in the return shipper, and place them in your mailbox.  In just a few days time these rings will head back to their shop, be custom engraved, and then returned back to you!  If you need to make sizing adjustments, all you’ll need to do is send them an email, or fill out the form that comes with the return shipper and the sizing adjustments will be made prior to the rings being engraved.  No other company that we’ve found offers customer service at this level, with prices this low.  Obviously one of the reasons that we at Cheap Tungsten Rings love the offerings from Ring Ninja!

Here is the description of this product from their website:

Our 8MM and 6MM Laser Etched Cross Pattern Tungsten Wedding Ring set features an intricate Cross pattern making it a very popular choice for his and her wedding bands, promise rings, purity rings, or just a standard piece of everyday jewelry. These comfort fit rings are made from Tungsten Carbide and are extremely scratch resistant. Their shine will last a lifetime.