I have always liked jewelry that has a carved look, as if someone sat down and made a custom piece just for me. My go-to metal option for jewelry has always been Tungsten Carbide. I love the look, feel, and longevity of Tungsten metals. I especially love Tungsten rings; they are an absolute necessity to go with any of my outfits! When purchasing new Tungsten Rings, I typically order either a 3MM or 6MM rings. One day I decided that I wanted something that was more of a statement piece. I figured a 9MM ring would be a nice band width to try out on my long, dainty fingers. I decided to begin my hunt for the perfect 9MM Tungsten Carbide Ring at Ring-Ninja.com. I have gone to Ring-Ninja’s website for all of my other Tungsten Carbide purchases and have always been pleased! I was able to find a 9MM Grooved Tungsten Ring for $59.99! That’s a great deal! I purchased my ring via standard shipping and received my item within a few days. I have to say that it is by far my favorite ring in my collection thus far. It’s truly an exquisite ring, especially for the price.