RNTU098_AFor some people the decision to get married is a simple, no-brainer type of decision. For others the decision to wed is a long and drawn out process in which one or both people weigh pros and cons of such a decision until they ultimately decide what the best option is for them. Once a couple decides whether or not to tie the knot, a multitude of choices and decisions are presented to the couple: reception venues, color schemes, invitations, budgets, cake, RINGS, the list goes on. Out of all of the decisions that a couple must make, wedding rings are often a large source of stress put on a couple: Should the rings be matching? What type of metal is the best? How many diamonds? Should we get engraving? How much money should we allocate towards this? If you are about to get married and have a tight budget, I have great solution for you: www.ring-ninja.com. Ring-Ninja sells tungsten, titanium, stainless, and precious metal rings for really, really discounted prices. They recently added a new product to their tungsten product line that I am absolutely in love with: 6MM and 8MM Classic Domed Ring Set with 18K Rose Gold Plating, only $109.99! Rose Gold is a unique color; it has the shine of silver with a base coat of gold which creates a beautiful color combination. If you like the classic domed look of tungsten rings but want something a little more eccentric in color, Rose Gold is a great option! Ring-Ninja can also engrave rings which is really cool because you can personalize your rings with a message, an important date, or whatever you’d like!