We couldn’t resist posting about this deal – and what a deal it is.  This is one of the most attactive, best constructed, and just plain fun Tungsten Wedding Ring Sets that we’ve ever seen.  Obviously this ring set was designed to be for him and her, but after checking with the company selling these rings they can be ordered in matching widths so it’s ideal if you want to men’s or women’s rings as well. 

So what is it that we like so much about this set?  Well obviously since this is Cheap Tungsten Rings we like the price, and this one is just $109.99!  Wow what a steal.  This set is also unique, the men’s ring comes in a 9MM width to give it that extra bold look that is sure to get your man some attention – the kind of attention you want, the kind that shows he’s taken :)   The construction of these rings is second to none – don’t even consider buying these some place else as these rings are the highest quality available.  A durable nickle binder as the binding allow makes this a ring set that is going to  last a lifetime!

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