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Tungsten and Blue Carbon Fiber Wedding Ring Set

RNTU079_ALooking for something different?  Want something that not is not only going to catch eyes, stand out, but also be affordable?  The above pictures set is probably what you’re looking for if you love the color blue.  This set of rings has a blue strip of carbon fiber that is inlayed into each ring.  These rings are sure to be something different.  Not unto the blue color?  Don’t dismay, not only do they come in black and white, you can also custom order different colors if you are willing to wait for them to be produced.

The price on these rings is currently as of print just $109.99 for both rings.  If you purchase them from Ring Ninja you can have the rings custom engraved with that special message to your spouse.  Ring Ninja’s custom engraving has been rated very high and they can engrave the same day you order and ship them.  The standard price for their engraving service is just $24.95.  For the price don’t pass up this set of cheap, but high quality his and her tungsten rings.

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Looking for a set of Wedding Rings with Cross?  This set of Tungsten Wedding Bands has an intricate cross pattern laser carved into each ring.  These Tungsten Rings with Cross are the perfect solution if you’re looking to show your faith in your wedding ring!  The ‘his’ ring is made of solid Tungsten Carbide and is 8MM in width.  The ‘her’ ring is also made of Tungsten Carbide however it’s width is an appropriate 6MM.  The styling on these rings is ‘pipe cut’ which means that your ring will have a flat, modern appearance that is sure to be eye catching.

What’s the bottom line on this set of wedding rings you may be asking yourself?  Not as much as you’d expect.  Another stunning set of wedding rings being offered up from Ring Ninja for the price of just $114.99.  That price will get you both rings!  So weather you are looking for a set of rings that you’re going to wear for life (because the quality on these is stunning), or a set of promise rings, starter wedding rings, or they even make great purity rings – these are the rings for you! Read the rest of this entry »

We couldn’t resist posting about this deal – and what a deal it is.  This is one of the most attactive, best constructed, and just plain fun Tungsten Wedding Ring Sets that we’ve ever seen.  Obviously this ring set was designed to be for him and her, but after checking with the company selling these rings they can be ordered in matching widths so it’s ideal if you want to men’s or women’s rings as well. 

So what is it that we like so much about this set?  Well obviously since this is Cheap Tungsten Rings we like the price, and this one is just $109.99!  Wow what a steal.  This set is also unique, the men’s ring comes in a 9MM width to give it that extra bold look that is sure to get your man some attention – the kind of attention you want, the kind that shows he’s taken :)   The construction of these rings is second to none – don’t even consider buying these some place else as these rings are the highest quality available.  A durable nickle binder as the binding allow makes this a ring set that is going to  last a lifetime!

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