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Looking for a ring to fit your budget

So we all know that saving money a is great feeling.  Everyone loves to know that they purchased the same thing from one merchant for less than what they could’ve purchased it for from the shop down the street.  This is one of the basic principals of capitalism, competition.  However, here at, we were kind of wondering, is there actually such a thing as too cheap?

In the wedding ring market, you can buy, what appears anyway, to be the best deal.  For instance, a search of ebay will reveal a basic tungsten ring for as low as $14.99 – in some cases even lower, however, for the sake of this comparison we won’t delve into items that appear to be obvious fraud, or made from the tears of a 3rd world sweat shop.  You can also find a basic tungsten ring at a big box jewelry store, one that you’d find in the typical mall, for $300.  Somewhere in here there is a disconnect.  Is the $300 ring really better?

Generally with Tungsten Rings, there are different components that can be used.  If you are purchasing a ring that is shipping in directly from a foreign country (for the purposes of this article we’ll assume you are shipping it to the USA) such as China, there’s no telling what baggage you are getting with your ring.  The ring you are getting is almost certainly not made in an ethical manner.  You are likely subsidizing the downfall of western society.  Most importantly – there is no way to know what is in the ring.  Testing the product for toxic elements like Cadmium would cost far more than the product itself, so you are not likely to do that.  Wearing something in this price range is really not conducive to your health.

The next thing to consider.. does the product have a warranty?  Let’s say you are wearing this as a wedding ring.  Well, they can’t be sized – so having a warranty is important.  Most warranties will cover sizing.  Sellers that sell exclusively jewelry will generally warranty the product.  Depending on the price range you pay for the warranty may or may not have a deductible.  However companies that claim no deductible will often not tell you that the engraving isn’t something that is covered.  One company we researched offers free engraving and a no risk lifetime warranty.  However when pressed, the engraving isn’t covered and it’s $30 to re-engrave the ring.  The prices on their rings were often twice what we feel was a good value.

At we’ve kind of developed what we think is a ‘right price’.  Tungsten Rings make phenomenal wedding bands.  We truly believe that or we wouldn’t be here.  What we’re suggesting for the ‘right price’ is somewhere in the $60 range for a typical tungsten wedding band.  It should come with a lifetime warranty included.  At this price point you can feel confident in putting it on your significant others finger knowing that it wasn’t made from a childs tears in a sweat shop, know that it has a warranty backing the ring, and know your are getting a great, cheap tungsten ring – and obviously by cheap we just mean one great value!

Plain Gold Ring, With a Twist

RNTU047_AIf you are looking for a plain gold ring, we may have a different solution for you.  While gold rings are great, and have been around for a millennia – with some of the newer contemporary metals, you have some other options.  One such option is a Tungsten Ring, with gold plating.  There are many different versions of this idea, however the best we’ve found are the line of tungsten rings that are sold by Ring Ninja.

This timeless half round / low domed style ring is something that many, many people purchase as a solid gold ring.  While gold rings are very easy to repair vs tungsten rings, and have a value that is attached to the gold market – what they don’t have is the toughness to stand up to the wear that a tungsten ring will hold up to.  With it’s IPG plating, this is the type of ring that is sure to last you for years to come, and if it doesn’t last you for years to come?  Well, if that happens, or you need to resize it, these things are covered by Ring Ninja’s lifetime warranty service, which is the best we’ve seen to date.  No up front costs, and it’s included with every purchase of one of these rings on their site, automatically. Read the rest of this entry »

3MM Domed Tungsten Ring with 18K Gold Plating

RNTU022_AIn today’s visually stimulated society it’s a nice change of pace to revert back to simplistic, classic items. For instance, the other day when I was getting ready to head out for a night on the town with some friends I was conflicted with what accessories, if any, to add with my outfit. My options were a pair of chandelier earrings with cascading stones, a monster ring with simulated diamonds, or a simple 3MM Tungsten Carbide ring with Gold Plating. After trying on all of my options several times I became exhausted and overwhelmed. This should not be that difficult, right? I was putting myself through unnecessary agony while trying to do something as simple as accessorize my outfit. I had enough of myself and decided to go with the classic simplicity of my 3MM Gold Plated Tungsten Ring; it was the only thing that seemed to effortlessly go with the flow of my outfit. As the night progressed the love for my simple, beautiful 3MM ring grew as I fondly gazed at its non-abrasive existence on my finger. It was just enough of an accessory but not too much. When I purchased my 3MM gold plated ring from last month for $49.99 I didn’t realize how much I would love it! My simplistic accessorizing has rubbed off on my friends as well; a few of them purchased the same ring that I have. I guess that would make me a trend-setter! Check out’s collection of 3MM rings!

Black Pipe Cut Tungsten Ring with Matte Finish

RNTU094_ASince black is a neutral color it goes with everything making it the perfect color for an accessory. recently added a line of black tungsten rings to their tungsten ring collection and I absolutly love them! Black is always a great choice for a ring; the color stands out while also being a bit conservative creating a perfect element of surprise. From ring-ninja’s new collection of black tungsten rings, my favorite is the 10MM Wide Black Pipe Cut Tungsten Ring with a Matte Finish. I have always loved the smooth, rich look of matte finished rings as well as pipe cut rings, and this ring has all of the elements that I adore in a ring! My favorite part about this ring is the price, $64.99! A fashionable, clean cut and durable ring for under $70.00: the perfect deal. I ordered mine today and I can’t wait to show it off! Check out ring-ninja’s black tungsten carbide collection on their website:

RNTU098_AFor some people the decision to get married is a simple, no-brainer type of decision. For others the decision to wed is a long and drawn out process in which one or both people weigh pros and cons of such a decision until they ultimately decide what the best option is for them. Once a couple decides whether or not to tie the knot, a multitude of choices and decisions are presented to the couple: reception venues, color schemes, invitations, budgets, cake, RINGS, the list goes on. Out of all of the decisions that a couple must make, wedding rings are often a large source of stress put on a couple: Should the rings be matching? What type of metal is the best? How many diamonds? Should we get engraving? How much money should we allocate towards this? If you are about to get married and have a tight budget, I have great solution for you: Ring-Ninja sells tungsten, titanium, stainless, and precious metal rings for really, really discounted prices. They recently added a new product to their tungsten product line that I am absolutely in love with: 6MM and 8MM Classic Domed Ring Set with 18K Rose Gold Plating, only $109.99! Rose Gold is a unique color; it has the shine of silver with a base coat of gold which creates a beautiful color combination. If you like the classic domed look of tungsten rings but want something a little more eccentric in color, Rose Gold is a great option! Ring-Ninja can also engrave rings which is really cool because you can personalize your rings with a message, an important date, or whatever you’d like!

10MM Tungsten and Black Carbon Fiber Ring


Carbon fiber rings have been a popular choice for a wedding ring or casual ring since they first came to the jewelry market. The best thing about carbon fiber rings is how nicely they accent a ring without adding additional weight or discomfort, like the 10MM tungsten and black carbon fiber ring featured in the picture. This ring is a great option for fashionable and logical reasons: since it’s made from tungsten carbide, the ring is scratch resistant and difficult to break while also looking good. The 10MM ring featured to the left is a ring I chose to purchase for my brother-in-law from My brother-in-law is an electrician on various construction sites. He works with his hands and handles heavy machinery on a regular basis. I knew that he needed to have a tungsten carbide ring to wear at work. I saw this ring and knew it would be perfect for him! Ring-Ninja’s tungsten carbide rings are comfort fit rings which  is perfect for my brother-in-law since his fingers tend to swell on occasion from all of the construction work that he does. I purchased the ring for $62.99 and he loves it! Some of his friends from work have also taken the step to purchase themselves a tungsten carbide ring from to wear while they are at work. Check out the collection!

Redwood Inlay Tungsten Ring


Growing up in the country, I have always had an appreciation for nature. One of my favorite childhood memories is climbing the giant oak wood trees in my backyard with my older siblings. As a child the trees were like my own personal jungle. There is something very majestic about the freedom of exploring nature as a child. My life in the country has shaped my aesthetic appeal as an adult; I love earthy tones, handmade furniture, and the simplicity of the country. I knew when looking for a new ring that I would want it to be something with an organic, country flair. I stumbled across the ring featured in the picture, an 8MM Tungsten Carbide Redwood Inlay ring from and I knew that I had to have it. The accent of the redwood was exactly the type of subtlety  that I was looking for. In addition to the style, I have always loved Tungsten Carbide jewelry. Tungsten is scratch resistant and bend resistant. Ring-Ninja’s Tungsten Carbide rings are 100% hypoallergenic and they are comfort fit rings, meaning they are comfortable and they won’t irritate your skin! I purchased my Redwood inlay ring for $59.99 at and I absolutely love it! It’s exactly what I wanted and it fits perfectly. Check out for more affordable tungsten rings!

Rose Gold Tungsten Rings


One of my favorite accessories for an outfit is a funky ring. Rings are a great way to subtly add spunk to any outfit. My favorite type of metal for my rings has always been Tungsten Carbide; I love that tungsten rings are scratch resistant and they don’t turn my fingers green (ew)! The cool thing about tungsten rings is that they can be plated with other types of metal, like gold. A gold plated tungsten ring will outlast a regular gold ring any day. Gold is a very soft metal and it can easily bend and collect scratches, which is why I prefer tungsten plated rings over regular gold rings. Lately I have been following a more recent trend in ring metals: Rose Gold. Rose gold necklaces, bracelets, and rings have been the new, hot trend. I personally love the look of rose gold. The color is not as vibrant as gold, but it is also not as muted as silver. Instead the color is a unique blend of the two which creates a beautiful color. Since rose gold jewelry is a new hot trend I had to get myself a tungsten carbide rose gold plated ring. I was ecstatic to find out that my favorite place to shop for cheap tungsten rings,, had added rose gold tungsten rings to their tungsten ring collection. Ring-Ninja is currently carrying 6MM and 8MM rose gold plated tungsten rings on their site. I decided to purchase a 6MM ring for myself and I absolutely love it, especially the price: $64.99! If I had gone to a jeweler my ring would of cost me upwards of $300.00! That’s over $200.00 in savings! I call that a deal. 

Groovy Tungsten Ring


I have always liked jewelry that has a carved look, as if someone sat down and made a custom piece just for me. My go-to metal option for jewelry has always been Tungsten Carbide. I love the look, feel, and longevity of Tungsten metals. I especially love Tungsten rings; they are an absolute necessity to go with any of my outfits! When purchasing new Tungsten Rings, I typically order either a 3MM or 6MM rings. One day I decided that I wanted something that was more of a statement piece. I figured a 9MM ring would be a nice band width to try out on my long, dainty fingers. I decided to begin my hunt for the perfect 9MM Tungsten Carbide Ring at I have gone to Ring-Ninja’s website for all of my other Tungsten Carbide purchases and have always been pleased! I was able to find a 9MM Grooved Tungsten Ring for $59.99! That’s a great deal! I purchased my ring via standard shipping and received my item within a few days. I have to say that it is by far my favorite ring in my collection thus far. It’s truly an exquisite ring, especially for the price.

Tungsten Rings With Matching Tungsten Bracelet


As the youngest of two older siblings I have done my fair share of wedding duties: wedding dress shopping, cake tasting, appointment scheduling, bachelorette parties, the list goes on. Out of all of the requirements that I must adhere by as the youngest child my favorite part of the wedding experience thus far has definitely been ring shopping (not that I chose my sister or my sister-in-law’s engagement rings). I love looking at all of the intricate designs that jewelers are able to come up with!

When my brother got married three summers ago he chose a 10MM Tungsten White Carbon Fiber wedding band from My sister-in-law decided that she also wanted to get a Tungsten White Carbon Fiber wedding band, but she also wanted some additional bling on her ring finger. She decided to order a 6MM White Carbon Fiber Tungsten ring and wear the slimmer band with a band of diamonds! The idea was brilliant! It looked very unique.

A few weeks after my brothers wedding he asked for my help in finding an accessory that would match his Tungsten Ring. I knew exactly what direction to point him toward: A Tungsten Bracelet. Bracelets are always a great accessory with a ring if it is matched properly. I had seen a White Carbon Fiber Tungsten Bracelet on Ring-Ninja’s website, and I knew it would match perfectly, so I went ahead and ordered the ring for my brother. The result: he loves it! The ring and the bracelet are a great match and my brother is extremely happy.

I highly recommend for anyone who is looking to get a high end product on a Wal-Mart budget; they have a great selection of cheap tungsten rings!