RNTU094_ASince black is a neutral color it goes with everything¬†making it the perfect color for an accessory. Ring-Ninja.com recently added a line of black tungsten rings to their tungsten ring collection and I absolutly love them! Black is always a great choice for a ring; the color stands out while also being a bit conservative creating a perfect element of surprise. From ring-ninja’s new collection of black tungsten rings, my favorite is the 10MM Wide Black Pipe Cut Tungsten Ring with a Matte Finish. I have always loved the smooth, rich look of matte finished rings as well as pipe cut rings, and this ring has all of the elements that I adore in a ring! My favorite part about this ring is the price, $64.99! A fashionable, clean cut and durable ring for under $70.00: the perfect deal. I ordered mine today and¬†I can’t wait to show it off! Check out ring-ninja’s black tungsten carbide collection on their website: www.ring-ninja.com.