RNTU023_A At age 24, my fingers are officially done growing, not that they are that long to begin with. I have shorter, stubby fingers which makes is difficult to find rings that won’t strangle my hand. I have always tried to wear larger rings, around 10-12MM because I like the look of them when they aren’t on my finger. Since my fingers are shorter, the wider rings take up the majority of my finger and leave creases of squashed-skin around the ring band. But it doesn’t stop there. In addition to a squashed finger, a wider ring almost always gets stuck on my finger when trying to remove it.

A few weeks ago I decided that for the sake of my finger and my sanity I had to give up with my battles with  wide rings; it was time to accept  that if I wanted to wear rings I would need to make some changes to the types of rings I was wearing.  I did some research and found that decreasing the width of the band would make my fingers look longer and decrease discomfort. Of course! Why hadn’t I realized this before?

I began my hunt for small-width ring band to try out. Whenever I  look for new rings there are always two problems that I encounter: my skin is sensitive, so I always try to get jewelry that won’t irritate my skin; as a recent college grad, I’m not exactly rollin’ in the dough. My specific criteria for a new ring led me to my trusted source of information: Google. I typed in my search bar “cheap tungsten rings” and it brought me to a site, Ring-Ninja.com. I decided to investigate the site to see what they had, which was a lot of different ring options!

I stumbled across a 3MM Tungsten Pipe Cut Ring which looked like a nice classy style that I could wear with a variety of things. Since the ring was priced well at $42.99 I decided to order it and give it a try. The results: I love it! I can wear my new Tungsten Ring with any outfit I own and it looks fabulous! My fingers are no longer strangled by ring bands that are far too wide for my fingers. I am going to send mine back to Ring-Ninja and have them custom engrave my ring, too. Pretty exciting!

I highly recommend this site to anyone that is looking for a quality ring at a great price.