The Legend

Cheap Tungsten Rings is here to save you money.  If there’s one thing we know  — it’s how to find value in Tungsten Rings.  The founder of this site is a former iron worker in the rust belt state of Michigan and has been around metal working all his life.  After finding a beautiful girl that he intended to marry it ws time to shop for the wedding rings.  He didn’t mind spending big bucks on her ring, because, as tradition taught, that’s just the way it was.  When if came time to purchase his ring he wasn’t too keen on seeing his soon-to-be-wife spending huge amounts of cash on him.  Also, considering the stress of his job, he know that whatever ring he chose would need to be durable.

After perusing the internet and more shopping malls than he cared to count, they came upon the most durable of Men’s Wedding Rings, the Tungsten Wedding Band.  What a great idea, he though.  He’d worked with Tungsten for many years, and knew that it was durable.  However, after looking at the price tag at the local jewelry store, and being offered 30% off, the price was still $400.  Well, a long story short he went ahead and purchased it.  However, being of thrifty dutch stock, he decided to find where these products were made.  After a long, tiresome quest, he came upon one of the machine shop suppliers who knew of a place where these legendary Tungsten Rings were forged.  This was not a normal channel to acquire these durable little pieces everlasting jewelry – not at all.  This was directly from the manufacturer that the so-called ‘manufacturers’ purchased their rings from.

With a little bit of wheeling and dealing our former foundry worker found himself the highest quality source for these Tungsten Rings imaginable.  As legend holds, he continued in his thrifty ways for the rest of his life, and refused to gouge the average joe who was out there looking for a wedding ring that would hold up to the active lifestyle.  Slashing prices on all things Tungsten – our hero became known as a Ninja, a Ring Ninja to be exact.  We will go over all of his offerings on this website, just so you can know that the competition is either overpriced, or offering bogus merchandise.

There can be only one Ring Ninja.