So, if you haven’t heard the economy still stinks.  The jobless rate is still between 9% and 10%, and honestly, it’s probably much higher than that.  However – life doesn’t stand still.  Young love doesn’t know any better.  Heck, love in general isn’t going to stop just because the economy is down.  People have gotten married since the beginning of man, and that isn’t going to stop now.

The real question here is, what can you do to make it affordable?  Live with your parents?  That doesn’t sound too appealing (well, at least not my parents anyway).  Take the bus?  Ride your bike everywhere?  Eat nothing but beans and rice?  All of these are very real money savers, although at the same time they are very drastic.  However, one place that we can save you money – especially when it comes to that big wedding day – is your wedding rings. 

Tungsten Rings are a great product.  They’ve been around for a few years now, and they’ve been battle tested.  Construction workers, factory rats, sanitation workers, heck, even stock brokers.  Anyone with an active lifestyle, or even someone without an active lifestyle, deserves a ring that is going to be as strong as the love they feel for their partner.  Tungsten Rings are what you’re looking for.  They are darn near impossible to scratch, they don’t bend, and they hold their shine. 

Sounds great, right?  It is!  Tungsten is truly a revolutionary jewelry material.  However, just like every other material ever used in jewelry, it seems to cost a fortune.  This is something that drives us crazy over here at Cheap Tungsten Rings.  It’s hard to figure out which retailer is selling you a quality product, at a fair price – and, that just doesn’t seem fair.  Well, we’re here to help you.  Don’t fall for the $20 Tungsten Ring that you found on some site that takes 2 hours to load – chances are it’s in China, and, they like to use lead & cadmium in their jewelry.  Don’t go to your local Zales and shell out $400 for a Tungsten Ring either.. like everything else in life, there’s a balance here.

In the posts that follow we will tell you where to find the best deals on Tungsten Rings.  Just because they are cheap doesn’t make them bad – so pay attention to the products here, because these are ones that you’ll want to consider for that big day!