So for our first update we’ve chosen a truley timeless piece from the fine folks over at Ring Ninja.  This 8MM Classic Domed Tungsten Wedding Ring is perfect for any man (or woman if you’re finger is no larger than a size 6).  This ring is silver in color, and if you don’t want to shell out the money for a white gold wedding ring while gold is $1200+ per ounce, then this is what we recommend you go with.  While the hue is slightly darker than white gold, it is a very reflective material – and the best part it, as with virutally all Tungsten Rings, this baby is built to last.  It will be difficult even for the most active man to scratch this ring up, and it never requires jewelry cleaner or polishing – just wipe this down with a damp cloth, and presto – it looks brand new!

So, you’ve stumbled upon this piece featured over at Cheap Tungsten Rings, and that’s great, so now we’ll get down to the nitty gritty of what you really want – the price.  This ring can be had for just $49.99!  A quick web search for Ring Ninja Coupon Codes revealed a 5% off coupon (5offjanuary) that even applies to their custom engraving service.  Below is the item description from their website – we recommend that you check this peice out today, especially if you’re going for that classic look.  Oh, and BTW, a lifetime warranty?  That is just crazy for under $50!

Product description from

Our 8MM Classic Domed Tungsten Wedding Ring has a highly polished mirror like finish, and because it is made with solid, genuine tungsten carbide you will never have to worry about scratches or it’s rhodium plating wearing off. This ring makes for an awesome wedding ring as the shine will last a lifetime!  Yes, this ring is comfort fit!

Buy with confidence as this 8MM Classic Domed Tungsten Wedding Ring comes with our 21-day satisfaction guarantee and is eligible for our Lifetime Warranty.