RNTU022_AIn today’s visually stimulated society it’s a nice┬áchange of pace┬áto revert back to simplistic, classic items. For instance, the other day when I was getting ready to head out for a night on the town with some friends I was conflicted with what accessories, if any, to add with my outfit. My options were a pair of chandelier earrings with cascading stones, a monster ring with simulated diamonds, or a simple 3MM Tungsten Carbide ring with Gold Plating. After trying on all of my options several times I became exhausted and overwhelmed. This should not be that difficult, right? I was putting myself through unnecessary agony while trying to do something as simple as accessorize my outfit. I had enough of myself and decided to go with the classic simplicity of my 3MM Gold Plated Tungsten Ring; it was the only thing that seemed to effortlessly go with the flow of my outfit. As the night progressed the love for my simple, beautiful 3MM ring grew as I fondly gazed at its non-abrasive existence on my finger. It was just enough of an accessory but not too much. When I purchased my 3MM gold plated ring from Ring-Ninja.com last month for $49.99 I didn’t realize how much I would love it! My simplistic accessorizing has rubbed off on my friends as well; a few of them purchased the same ring that I have. I guess that would make me a trend-setter! Check out Ring-Ninja.com’s collection of 3MM rings!