Carbon fiber rings have been a popular choice for a wedding ring or casual ring since they first came to the jewelry market. The best thing about carbon fiber rings is how nicely they accent a ring without adding additional weight or discomfort, like the 10MM tungsten and black carbon fiber ring featured in the picture. This ring is a great option for fashionable and logical reasons: since it’s made from tungsten carbide, the ring is scratch resistant and difficult to break while also looking good. The 10MM ring featured to the left is a ring I chose to purchase for my brother-in-law from Ring-Ninja.com. My brother-in-law is an electrician on various construction sites. He works with his hands and handles heavy machinery on a regular basis. I knew that he needed to have a tungsten carbide ring to wear at work. I saw this ring and knew it would be perfect for him! Ring-Ninja’s tungsten carbide rings are comfort fit rings which  is perfect for my brother-in-law since his fingers tend to swell on occasion from all of the construction work that he does. I purchased the ring for $62.99 and he loves it! Some of his friends from work have also taken the step to purchase themselves a tungsten carbide ring from Ring-Ninja.com to wear while they are at work. Check out the collection!